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Think Again. Many SMBs make do with a patchwork of entry-level solutions to run their business. But as they grow, those disconnected applications often result in manual work and inconsistent data that can cost time and money. In many cases, SMBs mistakenly thought they were too small to need a world-class ERP solution. The reality is that SMBs can't afford not to invest in ERP.

With Cloud Genius  as your NetSuite ERP solution provider, you will have live data refreshed in real time, all from your smartphone.

What Our Clients in the Cloud are Saying...☁️

Cloud Genius was one of 3 firms I spoke with and clearly the standout organization. No nonsense or red tape, just a perspective on "get it done!" They are the true SME's for NetSuite and really go above/beyond expectations to complete the necessary work. We anticipate a smooth go live and we will reduce redundant labor along with establishing our 1st "one source of truth." VP of Supply Chain & Operations in Industrial Automation
Cloud Genus gets 5 starts from me! If you are looking to get some assistance with running your business easier and smoother with less room for errors you should reach out to Cloud Genius ERP and let them help you seamlessly run your business. I am able to see where the business is making money and where we may be losing. Megan M., Operations
True professionals! They care about your company and will only recommend what is best for you and not necessarily what is best for them. They take the time to understand your business instead of trying to fit your company into some little box based on what they've done in the past for other companies. Brian F., Leader in Business Systems Engineering
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